• How’s your mental game?

    When the physical potential between athletes is essentially equal, what differentiates the best?

    • Execution under difficult high pressure circumstances
    • Mental skills & preparation
    • Possessing mental toughness
    • NeuroSport™ helps develop your mental skills

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  • Serious science – real results

    The NeuroSport™ Athlete Assessment pinpoints the strengths, preferences, and weaknesses based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™), the most widely-used psychological instrument in the world, neuroscience, plus a personal interview. Thousands of amateur and professional athletes have taken the MBTI™ with stunning results.

    • Understand how you are “wired”
    • Based on sport of choice & position within sport
    • Determine physical & mental strengths and weaknesses
    • Develop key mental strategies per your own style
    • Customize training based on strengths & weaknesses
    • Maximize your physical & mental strengths
    • Develop physical & mental strengths
    • Reach peak potential based on personalized results

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  • How NeuroSport™ works

    Once you’ve completed the assessment process, NeuroSport™ creates a detailed analysis with specific recommendations and objectives.

    • Personal interview & intake form
    • Complete the MBTI™ online
    • Analysis of information
    • Generates results, ‘red-flags,’ and recommendations
    • Face-to-face or webinar of results, ‘red-flags,’ and recommendations

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  • The Coaching Connection™

    Research has shown every athlete has deeply held preferences for taking in information, decision-making, and relating to others. The same holds true for coaches, parents, and teammates.

    • One style of coaching does not work for every athlete
    • NeuroSport™ takes a team approach to each athlete
    • Everyone (coach, athlete, agent, parent, trainer) gets on the same page
    • Produces an environment where the athlete can achieve peak performance

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